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Nonconforming Use. Continuing use of real property, permitted by Zoning ordinances, in a manner in which other similar plots of land in the same area cannot ordinarily be used. Most municipal governments have enacted zoning ordinances that regulate the development of real estate within the municipality.

A nonconforming building or structure used for nonresidential purposes, which is. require the applicant to have the property appraised by a licensed real estate.

Non-conforming or "jumbo loans" typically have tighter underwriting. Leading the way.® in california real estate for more than 110 years, the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® ( is.

Non-conforming loan – Wikipedia – In many cases, non-conforming loans can be funded by hard money lenders, or private institutions/money. A large portion of real-estate loans are qualified as non-conforming because either the borrower’s financial status or the property type does not meet bank guidelines.

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The median list price — the midpoint between less and more expensive homes — for a residential property in Portland is now $486,000, just $14,000 shy of a half-million dollars, according to real.

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 · A legal, non-conforming property is a commercial property that was legally built years ago, but it could not be newly built today on the land, as the land is currently zoned. A couple of examples will make this more clear. Let’s suppose that fifty years ago a developer built a 60-unit apartment building in downtown San Francisco with no on-site parking.

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